The furniture: I specialize in tables, seating, and smaller case goods.  My designs aim to celebrate and highlight wood grain, patterns, and imperfections.  I enjoy adding elements like live edges and splits that hint at the wood's original nature.  Gentle curves and blended joinery  serve to mimic natural limb lines and to create a sense of peace and grace, not abrupt transition.  I'm forever searching for that balance between the organic and the refined.  

The wood:  I work predominantly in woods native to and available in the North East US, including black walnut, cherry, maple, and oak.   Oak is strong, Maple is pure.  Cherry is rich, and Walnut is bold.  These four woods have natural character and span the spectrum of coloring and grain patterns from subtle to statement-making.  

The finish:  Many woodworkers give short shrift to smoothing and finishing.  For my pieces, it's the most time consuming part of the project, often taking as long to complete as the piece.  

I burnish my furniture to extreme levels of smoothness, using hand planes and automotive abrasives and lubricants, then hand-apply oil and varnish.  Oil finishes do a wonderful job of highlighting the wood's cell structure, making it appear translucent and three-dimensional.  My finishes aim to highlight the wood's natural beauty as much as to protect it.  The finished piece should beg to be touched and should feel like silk.  

Delicate finishes may not resist minor scratches or bruises.  Natural use enhances a piece's aesthetic.  These pieces are designed to be touched, used, and lived with.


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